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03-07-2011, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Boom Boom Geoffrion View Post
Anyone with some time want to post who every team has as their #6~#7 dmen? Salary, Contract, Ice-time, and Production.

Damnit, more long comparison typing, I can't resist it.

Let's just go with some random teams.

Washington, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Montreal, Calgary. I literally just pulled these out of my ass, no basis for comparisons whatsoever.


Poti is 7th, but he has a BAD injury, so Erskine it is.

15:00 TOI/G, 10P in 63 GP, -3, 87 PIMs. More of a tough guy defenseman, but he's relatively solid in his own end. Set to make 1.5M cap hit for 2 seasons. Less than Gilroy, currently.


A little hard to sort out. Engelland ends up the 7th when properly re-arranged. 13:25 TOI/G, 9P in 53 GP. 556k~ cap hit for 3 seasons. IMO a steal. Usually pretty solid in his own end, another in the Eriskine mold.

St. Louis:

Tyson Strachan, it seems. 12:12 in 28~ games, 1 points. 600k cap hit for one year. He looked okay in my viewings of the Blues. Better than Girloy.


Have to consider injuries. Picard seems to be it. 16:19 per game. 7P in 38GP. 600k cap hit.


Remove White/Brodie, Adam Pardy ends up at 7th. 14:14 TOI/G, 7P in 30GP. 700K cap hit until the end of the season. Big fan of his, actually.

Compared to Gilroy, looks much better, no?

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