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03-08-2011, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Having a clue would also entail being able to recognize the differences between the veteran filled rosters that limped into the playoffs 4 years in a row and the young and inexperienced roster we have today....

When it comes to just making the playoffs:

Jagr/Nylander/Straka/Shanahan/Gomez/Drury > Gaborik/Prospal/washed up Drury

I would hope that limping into the playoffs with veteran, out of their prime players, and seeing inevitable early round exits isn't one's criteria for being a happy Ranger fan.
This is all true. However, this...

Originally Posted by BobSantos View Post
Wow the "anti-Torts" still runs deep on this board.

You'd think an exciting, fun-filled season would make people happy but some people never are.

You'd think playing tons of young home-grown players would make people happy.

You'd think watching the pack line on Sunday would make people happy.

Man. all HIGHLY subjective. Sunday is not that often for this club. And while we have had a lovely share of blowout wins, nearly all of them had a lot to do with the other team playing like absolute crap for the majority of the game, if not all of it. The Rangers don't come close to replicating that kind of production or offensive style when the other team is in the game.

For me, excitement and fun involves watching an elite offensive team. A team that can actually execute picture perfect hockey more than just once in a while. That's a lot more exciting and fun than watching a team have to bang it out most of the time because they can't buy a ****ing skill goal. It'd be a different story if success was not far back in the rear view mirror, but it isn't. This is yet another year where we have to watch a mediocre team. It's not picking on the players. They are, for the most part, very impressive...for what they are. And, more often than not, incapable of showing what they aren't. It's about the general success, or lack there of, for the franchise.

On the other hand, that's not Tortorella's fault. Not a reason to get rid of him. And there is no reason to get rid of him at the moment. I still believe that he is a coach that is much better suited for an older team that is more serious about being a contender, but if they get Richards, that'll be a lot more like that scenario. I think he has a good effect on some players, but the way he handles others irks me.

Tortorella just doesn't deserve to be fired, however. He is not the reason this team doesn't have a first line.

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