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03-08-2011, 07:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire11 View Post
This too, last week before the Dallas game they were talking to Trotz and he was talking about how important it was that they keep every game close, don't do anything to lose in the final minutes and secure the 1 point for OT... that's his strategy, and it really stinks.

On the Wilson front, I don't remember if it was Wilson himself or someone else talking a week or two ago about how he was still adjusting to the longer NHL season and had to figure out how to push through that wall and down the stretch. Could be a factor, and would fit in with his change in play and Trotz's comments.
So where are the coaches, developmental staff and training staff? Sure he's got to figure some of this out but that's why they have mentors, coaches and all these guys on a staff, to get them thru a long season. And honestly, he played a full season between Milwaukee and Nashville last year so he should've been prepared for it this year.

And I agree if that's our coaches philosophy it stinks. Sure, keep games close. But if you're in a dog fight 82 games a year, you're gonna be burnt out by the time you hit the playoffs.

The other thing we don't do is play playoff hockey until the playoffs. While that may seem like an odd statement, we don't play the body enough and aren't used to that style of a game when it hits. You can't go from a hard forechecking and skating team to a team that finishes checks come the playoffs. It changes the system as guys are getting tied up and allowing more open ice. A team like Anaheim just loaded up on grit. They're going to be a beast to play against if Hiller can come back. They're big, mean and have some top end talent.

Oh well, I'll be up late tonight watching the debacle we call the roller coaster.

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