Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Boston @ Montreal - March 8th, 2011
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03-08-2011, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Bullsmith View Post
Skate, score, let them take penalties. Julien deserved a fine for putting out the goons with under five minutes left last game, and I have no doubt whatsoever that Boston getting away with the garbage it did last time they played the habs was a direct contributor to the nonsense that ensued between the Islanders and Pens a couple of days later.

My guess is Boston doesn't goon it up at all, but if they do, it'll be interesting to see if the refs and/or league respond. Is the "new" NHL really a thing of the past? Does the league want to see more teams like the Islanders and more concussions to players like Crosby? This game is a situation where Boston could get itself into trouble they don't need. The smart thing for both teams to do is simply try and win the game.
To be honest, Julien didn't intentionally put our "goons" out there, if you recall, niether team really had much of a choice. There was like 2 and a half players on each bench. If you are talking about Adam McQuaid, Im going to have to disagree, he's far from a "goon". Did he go after patches with seconds left? Absolutley. Do I agree with it? No. But in a postgame interview Adam was asked about the roughing penalty on Paccioretty. If you watch the video both McQuaid and Patches go down right before the penalty. McQuaid said he felt as if Patches slewfooted him and "there is no place for that in hockey" but he also says he has to play a smarter game and its not something you'll see from him again. Hes not a goon, he made poor decisions and apologized for them. He was defending himself on what he thought was a dirty play.

And as said, he was on the ice because we didn't have many options left on the bench, not because Julien rolled out our dirtiest players or whatever it is you think McQuaid qualifies as....

As for the second part, I bet we don't either. Weve been more...calm? I guess you could call it....since the additions of Peverly and Kelly. This is a different team now, and typically rematches are pretty boring.

Originally Posted by Habs 4 Life View Post
Don't get why they kept him, I believe you have a 9 game trial at the start of the year without it counting as a NHL season, if he wasn't ready or they didn't have top minutes for him he was better off in the juniors even if he is to dominate, I'm sure he would have learned more down there than in the press box. Would have also helped Team Canada. Whatever it's their problem
He did very good for us then. He was excellent on our trip to Prague. He started goign downhill after Jordan Caron was sent to Providence in December. I feel as if it was a little "rookie rivalry" (friendly of course) that kept him going. Since he's been very bipolar in play. Julien is not helping him. Sometimes hes sees 15 minutes a night, the next he has 6. If he scores, he sits the next game. If he plays bad, he sits the next game. They switch he line every time he plays and have given him zero powerplay time, which is supposed to be his "thing".

Whatever. He's young. Pretty sure he'd rather be in teh Bruins pressbox than on his juniors team. He still gets to say he's in the NHL, he's still getting practice at the NHL level and he's making a pretty penny to sit in a suit for a few hours.

Originally Posted by Aurel Joliat View Post
The Bruins are a lot tougher than us, but I hope we will protect ourselves. Right now, we look like a little coward team without any toughness. We need to face them tomorrow !

This is my fight card :
White vs Campbell
Moen vs McQuaid
Mara vs Boychuk
Subban vs Horton

Give me a break with : We will hurt them with our power play... It's such a looser mentality. And show them we don't need to have the referees on our side to beat them !
Niether of these two will happen. We are down two defenseman, so our current DMen will not fight unless it is absolutley 100% warranted by your team.

Originally Posted by saints96 View Post
has nothing to do with being afraid. I think montreal ''fans'' care more about winning hockey games than fighting. Only boston fans care more about fighting than playing hockey,. you can always go cheer for them
Not all of us, Sant. I could care less about the fighting. I think the last game would have been more entertaining if it was 8-6 in pure skills, and goals rather than that many useless battles. Or a battle of the goaltenders...lots of shots but only a 1-0 or 2-1 game? I personally think that would be vastly more entertaining. And Im not saying hits. I love physical play. I love bone shattering CLEAN open ice hits, also entertaining, but 15 fighting majors a game does nothing for me.

Originally Posted by Hannibal View Post
I'm with you.

Bruins are the perfect exemple. Skills, Depth, Size and Toughness.
Guess what, the Bruins fights a lot and they also win hockey game. Wake up MTL fans.
Why, thank you.

Anyway-- Heres to a good, hard faught, clean game, based on skill, and PLEASE no injuries. Both rosters are plagued enough.

I had the oppurtunity to meet a few of the Habs players in Boston (Paccioretty, Gill, Price, Hamrlik, Subban and a few other) Very nice for the most part.

Love the way Paccioretty and Hamrlik play their game. Definitley two players on my list of players I enjoy watching. Cammy, too.

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