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03-08-2011, 08:09 AM
Cake or Death
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On certain levels he's been a real solid coach. One major thing is he seems to be able to keep Sather's insanity in check and seems to have helped stabilize and mold the team's direction. He's gotten a few guys to play well above expectations (i.e., Boyle, Prust). He is doing a good job overall in developing young players. He's had a pretty good season with a very young team. Yes, I think some player personnel decisions are sometimes questionable. But if he can make some slight adjustments, I think the team is fine.

I think if he improves on x's and o's and fundamentals, or bring in an assistant who can help with this, it could make a notable difference. Rather than see him go, I think the team would benefit more from adding an assistant who is good on fundamentals and the x's and o's. Seriously, a more cohesive breakout, a little better positional play, immense work to improve faceoffs, and a slight improvement on the PP and this team has 10 more points right now.