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03-08-2011, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post

And make two points that I really just don't understand.

First, to keep bringing up Redden and Eminger....Now I'm not one to defend Redden, but to blame Gilroy's play last year on being paired with Wade is laughable. It was just as unfortunate for Redden that he had to be paired with Gilroy. I hope you understand that. To honestly believe that Redden wasn't more serviceable than Gilroy is just being blind. Cap hit aside, Wade still made veteran plays and quick passes to get the puck out of the zone. I understand Gilroy was a rookie but he wasn't even capable of those things. He was Wade Redden but worse. And that's not Wade Redden's fault. And to bring Eminger into it? Eminger has been solid this season.
Where did I "blame" Gilroy's play on Redden last year? Or Emminger? All I've said was that those expecting some explosive defenseman getting tons of points should remember his minutes played and who his partners were. You don't think that he would've fared better with Girardi or Staal or someone else "dependable" on the back end? And, I don't think you're remembering clearly how awful Redden was last year. He was FAR worse than Gilroy is this year. Slow. Awful coverage. Poor choices. That's one reason why he isn't here anymore. I'd take Gilroy on the back end, right now, over Redden any day of the week even if they were making the same money. Redden, like Souray, doesn't have the legs for the NHL anymore. Particularly Torts' NHL. Perhaps you are the blind one.

Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
Also, you make a comment referring to the fact that we'll need a 5th or 6th defenseman next year so why not?

Why not? Because it's going to cost us his QO or at the very least more money than it would to put a rookie back there.
I distinctly said if we can get him "cheap" for the sake of signing other players (AA, Dubi, Callahan, BB, etc...). He's certainly a workable 6th guy. And, from most accounts, Valentenko isn't ready for next year and we need SOMEONE to play on the back end. Emminger and McCabe are both UFA's, which leaves us with 5 starters (Staal, Girardi, Sauer, McDonagh, & Gilroy) and we're still going to have room for a UFA and or AHL/rookie.

Do I sign him for $1.75 million again? Not a chance in hell. If he's willing to sign an EC type contract (750K-900K), then hell yes. Emminger, for example, is playing for 1.125 million.

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