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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
So then you wouldn't like Dustin Penner right? But, wait you do. Dustin Penner like Andrei also has effort issues. These issues of effort in regards to Penner was brought up after he was traded by the media. Is effort was always in question among edmonton fans and was constantly questioned be his former coach MacTavish while he with Edmonton and long after he was fired from Edmonton while on the Panel on tsn.

I really don't see how you can claim you hate Andrei for effort issues, but then go around saying Penner is exactly what we need and making proposals on the tradeboards until the deadline.

Of course you'll say that Penner does work hard...but, again he doesn't. I've talked about his effort issues, the media has talked about, his coaches have talked about it, the fans have has well.

I'm on Stadale's side and I think you just have a hate for Andrei(and there are numerous threads with posts of yours that point to that conclusion) and it clouds your perceptions of him. Of course you'll agree and blame it on effort as to why you don't like him, yet you don't apply the reasoning to other players you covet, even though they are guilty of the very reasons you "dislike" Andrei. I guess you don't like Pouliot, Gomez or Cammalleri either? I'm also guessing you didn't like Ribiero, Latendresse and Lapierre either?

Heck I guess you dislike a lot of top 6 players in the league, since the majority of them are guilty of the thing you dislike Andrei for.

I really don't care that you don't like Andrei...what I don't understand is how you like other players even though they don't work hard. Well considering your views about size and toughness, I guess so long as you have size(even though you don't really use it overtly), then the effort issues can be overlooked.
Of all the posters I would of expected you to fall into this trap last. Neither Dustin Penner or Andrei Kostitsyn are one bit lazy. They both are hard workers, once the media has an agenda against someone it is hard to reverse.

People who never watch the Habs claim AK to be lazy without ever really watching him play. It's amazing to me on the main boards how so many people have an opinion on someone they've never seen just because the talking heads all spout the nonsense. Penner is subject to the same bs AK is. If you think Penner or AK are lazy you don't watch the games or understand what you're watching.

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