Thread: Proposal: The Matt Gilroy Project
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03-08-2011, 09:39 AM
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As has been said before numerous times, it really all comes down to the dollars and cents of the situation.

I think few would deny that Gilroy has shown improvement this season. However, he is still not worth his $2M salary, much less the raise he would be looking at with a Qualifying Offer. I don't think anyone expects Gilroy to be qualified. That means he will become a UFA, free to sign with anyone.

The big question is: Is there a team willing to give him more than the Rangers would that he would actually want to go?

Gilroy grew up on Long Island. I'm sure his first choice is to stay in the area. I know it would be mine, as the hassle of moving and being in a new place is stressful. So the next question becomes: Is he willing to take a pay cut to stay with the Rangers?

I would be fine with the Rangers offering him a 1 or 2 year contract worth $1-1.25M/year to give him a chance to prove he deserves a raise. Anything more than that and he can walk. For a 6th defenseman, he is adequate at that salary IMO.

I think Gilroy is a decent 6/7 option, with possibly 4 upside if he improves on the defensive side of his game. The problem is that we have alot of RFAs that deserve raises. Factor in that we could sign a solid vet for his spot with the $1-1.25M I mentioned earlier, and that's all he's looking at. That price is even overpaying Gilroy, but we are essentially paying for his upside.

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