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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
Oh please, you wrote that on Oct. 18. When he was on fire. He was doing great back then. There's nothing negative to say about his play.

I call you a hater because you can't see/admit that AK can hit a cold streak or struggling at some point in the season. Instead of saying that he has lost all his confidence (and we all know how AK is when his confidence is at 0), you call him hibernating like he's completely invisible and useless in the game.

Even when AK was struggling offensively, he was still responsible defensively. Yes sometimes he takes the wrong guy or make a poor decision but he's not floating back. He was leading in our+/- (+12) after 50 games... until JM had the brillant idea to pair him with Gomez. He dropped from +12 to +4 in 8 games.

For a guy that apparently was hibernating/invisible for 30-40 games which is around 60% of the season, he's still leading in hits, GWG and top 4 in almost every offensive stats, he is not that bad.

AK is a streaky player, like a ******** of other players in the league. I don't see anything wrong with that. You get what you pay for.
Don't worry bro, I actually did support this guy all along.

And if you check other posts I made, I always did in those too.

Originally Posted by Forsead View Post
The only thing I don't get, because I undertand alot of your sentiments and share some of your points of view is why do you like so much Penner when the guy isn't working his ass off like you like so much. He is well known to take shifts off exactly like Kostitsyn, but you would want him very bad on the team when you say that's one thing you can't stand with Kostitsyn. That was the reason why I didn't think he Penner would have been ideal (he would make a good job IMO, but still he isn't the ideal player for the job).
I've said it before and I'll say it again a thousand times until the naive people can get it through their heads and so can those who are haters that are simply in denial.

Lazy Canadian/American player sucks, it's a slump
Normal Russian/Euro player sucks, it's cause he's a lazy good for nothing scrub.

Why? Because people are prejudice and just make assumptions founded on nothing but bias against a certain player due to his origin.

Anyone who claims they're hating due to otherwise, some of you might have a valid reason or two, but for the most part the lot of you are just in denial. You don't want to admit it but fact is it's been proven time and time again when you call Andrei lazy and other players like Penner are let off scot free.

I really don't care if people want to dislike players based on where they're from, to each their own. But at least have the balls to admit it and stop playing these stupid games where you attack peoples arguments in favor of Andrei and don't have 1 valid point to go with. At least be a man and admit you don't like him for that reason, admit it not only to other people but in a lot of your cases to yourself. If you don't you're just living in denial cause frankly a large minority of people here don't like him for that reason. They can deny it to the bitter end if they want but it doesn't change it. You can tell when they have no reasoning for their arguments, their "facts" don't hold weight, and they're always hating on the guy but praising a guy like Penner.

Either you've never seen Penner play and you're just an ignorant bandwagon hater who doesn't like Andrei because you were told not to, or you don't like him cause he's a Euro. Any other reason is simply not a valid one because there really is no reason to hate the guy in reality. In a cloud of bias maybe you can convince yourself otherwise, after all nobody wants to admit they're prejudice, but fact still remains, the lot of you are and just can't admit it. If it wasn't Kovy it was Andrei, or somebody else.

In any event it's pathetic that a pack of scrubs posting on an internet forum go around calling people who play hockey in the NHL lazy, go back to your scrub ass house league, you're the one whose lazy not the guys who worked hard their entire lives and made the NHL.

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