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03-08-2011, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueshirtBlitz View Post
If you don't think the Knicks popularity exploded with Stat and Carmelo you're nuts. I admit that I didn't watch during the Isiah Thomas years, but these types of people don't even know what Isiah Thomas did to the franchise.

Basketball is a MUCH more bandwagoned sport than Hockey, and all the "Lakers and Celtics" fans in NY are now Knicks "fans."
Are you confusing actual Knick fans that didn't go to games (with outrageous ticket prices, who would blame them) when the team was atrocious, as front-runners?
If so that's kind of dumb. All those Knick fans that was in Phillips Arena aren't bandwagon fans. Instead they're transplanted New Yorkers. Even when the Knicks were bad I've seen plenty of Knick fans in that arena. And in other arenas. Like Miami.

Basketball is a bandwagon sport because it's more popular than hockey. If hockey was popular in the U.S, it would be the same.
Also take into account that since basketball is a star driven sport. I think fans just like to wear the popular player's jersey. Kobe, Lebron, Wade. So in essence, those fans become "fans" of that team. Which they may not really be fans of but they root for that popular player.
When Lebron was on the Cavs, there was a ridiculous amount of "Cav fans" at MSG. What I suspected at the time was they weren't really Cav fans but Lebron fans.
Looks like I was right because they were no where to found last Friday at MSG. lol

I also don't see any evidence that Laker and Celtic fans in NY are now Knick fans.
The Knicks haven't won anything. Last I checked, those teams are still good and title contenders. So why would their "fans" become Knick fans now?

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