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10-12-2003, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Oilers89
Why don't you try telling that to Poti and Arnott. They were strictly traded because of the fan. Slats actually asked Arnott if it was OK to trade him because the fans booed him. Lowe didn't, I repeat didn't want to trade Poti but was forced too because of the fans and Terry Jones basically boing him out of town.
your gonna tell me that lowe traded poti because of the FANS?? sure the fans didnt like poti (justifiably so) but the last time i looked i didnt control what my girlfriend did, let alone what the general manager of the edmonton oilers did..... if this was the case why havent us fans forced lowe to do other things, like sign weight or guerin? why is it that the fans have only forced (or caused) lowe to do negative things in your opinion? if we really have that much power, we could have just demanded that lowe sign weight.... oh i forgot, we *did* demand that eh sign weight, but i guess our ming-control powers must not have worked that time (maybe it was a bug in my KLC software "Kevin Lowe Controller", it was in its early development then)... the fans cant make lowe do anything he doesnt want to do, as shown by the weight and guerin trades, two players that the fans desperately wanted to stay in edmonton... this is just ridiculous, im not even gonna bother with commenting on the fans in this thread anymore, ill keep it to the other thread that has gone this way

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