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Originally Posted by Blue Line Monster View Post
So we should trade our best player because he's a goaltender and the last few Cup winners won with average goaltenders? Am I understanding this correctly?

It's funny how every few years the perfect recipe for a Cup changes. Now you need to have a mediocre to average goaltender, gotcha.

If you're looking for better similarities between those teams, notice how they drafted and developed their own ELITE talent.

Downgrading from Lundqvist and saving 4 mil to use in free agency doesn't get us Crosby, Malkin, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, E. Staal, Toews, Kane, Lidstrom, Keith, etc etc.

It gets us guys with major flaws like Marian Gaborik. Oft-injured, so soft he doesn't show up in tight games, etc.
Read the whole thread, not explaining it again. Yes, even if he is the best player, the drop-off for a cheaper goalie is not as great as what you gain with better forwards and dmen.

The recipe for a cup changed because of the salary cap. The days of having a stacked core of skaters and then trading for that elite goalie like Colorado did in 1996 are over. It is all about value. Even if Lundqvist is a top-5 goalie, the difference between him and the 20th best is not enough to warrant a difference of $3.55MM in salary (using the 5th highest goalie salary vs the 20th).

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