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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
oops, was looking at ward's old amount. Now, notice they are spending $6.3MM on their goalie and are struggling to make the play-offs.
And Luongo is paid a bucket of millions on the league leading team in points and are looking to be legit cup contenders. What happens if Vancouver win the Cup? Will you claim you can win with an expensive elite goalie all of a sudden? Or will you refute it as an anomaly? Or will you start to acknowledge there might be more to winning the cup than some standard flavour of the year recipe? More than nitpicking specific players and starting to look at the team as a whole? Its strengths and weaknesses? If you can play up to your strengths and hide your weaknesses, you're looking good.

The problem this team has had is it's lacking team carriers. You need at least three team carriers to win a cup, Rangers have had 1-2, mostly one, guess who. The playoff series against Washington was embarrassing, it was basically one player against 20. What position team carriers play is basically irrelevant. And everyone have to be able to carry their load. Everyone have to strive to perform better than their salary. Can't win if one of the team carriers is a goalie? Give me a break, it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, nju NHL or not.

And Detroit haven't won the cup in the two most recent years, despite having an average goalie? Should they get an even worse goalie? Perhaps he isn't average enough?

Your fascination over Lundqvist and combining him with this team when it's struggling is simply put astounding. If it isn't his play, it's his salary. Let's just flat out ignore he is the anchor that made this team respectable and competitive again. If there were more players on this team with the desire to win, compete and practice that Lundqvist has, we would've won a cup already.

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