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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
And Luongo is paid a bucket of millions on the league leading team in points and are looking to be legit cup contenders. What happens if Vancouver win the Cup? Will you claim you can win with an expensive elite goalie all of a sudden? Or will you refute it as an anomaly?

And Detroit haven't won the cup in the two most recent years, despite having an average goalie? Should they get an even worse goalie? Perhaps he isn't average enough?

Your fascination over Lundqvist and combining him with this team when it's struggling is simply put astounding.
I already pointed out Vancouver and Luongo. Detroit won with Osgood in 2008, going to say he is a big-time goalie? The rest of the comment is just stupidity. If you can't comprehend the idea that chime in.

Eventually, might be this year with Vancouver, a team is going to win it all with a high-paid goalie. Whether it is an anamoly or not will depend on what we see. If once every 6 years a high paid goalie wins the Cup, then yes I would call that an anamoly.

But, I will say the Rangers (which is the only team I am concerned with) will not win a Cup if they are paying Lundqvist more than 10% of their cap. No goalie in the league right now, not Luongo, not Miller, not Kiprusoff, not Lundqvist is worth 10% of the cap.

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