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Originally Posted by Ruled By Secrecy View Post
I have the...unfortunate luck to be friends with a pair of hard core right wingers from the States and they have the notion that our system is socialist and thus, evil. Their views have been irritating me as of late and one friend starting saying we have "death panels" up here. Don't ask me where she got that idea from because I have no clue.

So I gotta ask this: What are some truly negative aspects about our system? And would rather have ours or the American system?
Ask them what they think of their Social Security System & whether they think that is a socialist program or not? Or Medi-care which is similar to our system. Both systems have good points & bad points, I had some blood work done the other day & I had to pay $30 for one of the tests that OHIP doesn't cover. This happens from time to time where OHIP doesn't quite cover "everything" but it's still better than not having coverage at all. Whether you buy Insurance from an Insurance company for your health care as most Americans do or you have it deducted from your pay cheque as most Canadians do to me isn't a huge difference. From what I understand American hospitals have shorter wait periods because fewer people have Health coverage or extensive health coverage & Canadian hospitals have longer wait lists because so many have health coverage. OHIP doesn't cover everything & we have wait lists that can be up to several months long for some non-life-threatening surgeries.

Personally, I would like to see more Private Clinics in Canada that do specialized work such as knee replacements, hip repacements etc.. things that are repetitive & not too complicated. This IMO would cut down on wait times for major operations, OHIP could continue to pay the cost & the individual would pay anything extra that the clinic would charge for. The patient would know up front what OHOP covers & what he would have to pay. Those who could afford it could go to the private clinic & those who couldn't would go to the hospital which should have shorter wait times with more people going to private clinics. I would pay a private clinic extra for a knee replacement next week rather than wait 6 to 8 months but not everyone can afford to do that.

P.S. - we do not have death panels in Canada, OMG I can't believe that they would believe Sara Palin. They really should visit Canada to see what a wonderful friendly place it is & watch a lot less Fox TV.

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