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Originally Posted by phillyflu View Post
He was a dumb horny kid, being a dumb horny kid.

It happened in 2006 so he was either 18 or 19. His buddy who was 18 was streaming from his webcam some chick he was banging, who was 17, like the scene from American Pie.

She finds out, they get busted and are now labeled forever.

Any dude here who's pissed off about this, is a hypocrite. I'll bet there isn't anyone here that didn't see pictures or videos of their buddies girlfriends when they were in high school/college. It's part of being a dumb horny teenager.
I was a kid pre internet. The fact that the girl did not know is what makes it a crime. And yeah, it almost happens in American Pie. Movie - no real consequence. Real life? Different story for the girl.

I prefer to be a "dude" who thinks its wrong not a hypocrite.

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