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i went back and checked, and it literally hasn't even been two months since almost the exact same thread was created. my views haven't changed since then, so i'll repost what i wrote then. the context is that people were talking about how brown was invisible, points-wise and game-changing hits wise:

Originally Posted by Alternate Jersey View Post
i can understand the frustration, but i really disagree with the "lack of game-changing hits" part. definitely saw at least one in the last two games.

also, kind of ironic that a "lack" of this kind of hit is being brought up, because i distinctively remember other posters complaining that he was showing no accountability, specifically by dealing out the kind of hits we're talking about. it seems as if when he is hitting, he's drawing too much ire from other teams that he won't step up and answer, and when he isn't, he's not showing leadership.

we have NO idea what is being said in the locker rooms. someone on Hammond's blog mentioned that swearing by Brown publicly--that is to say, in an interview--is a big deal, because he doesn't usually do that. and i try to think of him as a person prior to a hockey captain before i judge his "lack of passion". it may be entirely speculation, but he is a father, and i don't think he wants to be seen as a guy that flies off the handle at his team when they are losing (i.e. ovechkin after his fight, as we saw on HBO). it's just not a very respectable way to act (and please spare me the "but this is hockey, it's bloody and violent and angry" argument, because i'm sure that effective captains are respected ones). but that doesn't mean he's not giving them what for in the locker rooms, and it doesn't mean he's not saying anything on the bench.
DB HAS been getting involved in the scrums after the play much much more recently. and let's not forget that a lot of us are currently not happy with the fact that all doughty does is freak out and complain and whine, and are hoping that he grows up. well, maybe DB represents what it means to be "grown up." he gets involved in the scrums, but doesn't go bat-**** insane every time a call doesn't go his way. i have faith that he's doing stuff on the bench and in the locker room that we don't know about.

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