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Originally Posted by Ruled By Secrecy View Post
I have the...unfortunate luck to be friends with a pair of hard core right wingers from the States and they have the notion that our system is socialist and thus, evil. Their views have been irritating me as of late and one friend starting saying we have "death panels" up here. Don't ask me where she got that idea from because I have no clue.

So I gotta ask this: What are some truly negative aspects about our system? And would rather have ours or the American system?
The canadian system has its flaws there is no question about that the biggest is wait time which can be weeks in some cases.As with the american system no its not better the sad thing with it is if you don't have money you don't get care which in some cases that can be just a check up or getting surgery.No we don't have death panels this is just a myth that some americans have for what every reason it has no truth to it.

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