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10-12-2003, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Jim_Harnock
So how do we go about that? Do you think the problem is the coach, the designated team leaders...?
Perhaps a combination? I'm not really sure. But I believe that MacT has to form some kind of rigid system that they can hold onto when things go bad. If nothing works like it's supposed to.. at least they'll have a nice defensive system to fall back that doesn't require them to think too often of failures in game.

It's a belief and confidence in a system that will get them over the hump no matter the opposition. They're a young team and when they can't believe in themselves, at the very least they can believe the coach and what he has devised. I know that defensive style isn't going to be popular... but I can't see any other way to avoid these kinds of games.

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