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10-12-2003, 08:38 AM
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It's already evident that our defense is lackluster. When M-A Bergeron is getting 15-20 minutes a game somethings a miss (no offense to the guy). Cross we have no legitimate top defenseman on this team. Brewer has looked bad so far, in both games. Took a dumb penalty per game, both holding calls for lazily hauling guys down. Brewer and Cross are simply a bad pairing. A no.2 and a no.5-6 defenseman as the top pairing. I would think that a good big center (not a superstar) and a VERY good defenseman would have to be returned to the Oilers in any Comrie deal.

Also, Isbister can throw them. So can Jovo. Let's see what happens next game when both are (hopefully) reasonably health. As an Oiler fan i think Jovonovski is one of the best fighters in the league. Him and Lindros used to really go at it. I still question attacking an injured guy, but Oilers fans would be defending Jason Smith if he went after a Canuck after a "border line" hit.

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