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03-08-2011, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by RevUpThoseFlyers View Post
Of course it's wrong, but I personally don't think it's fair that it's marked down forever as "child pornography" when it was a 1 or 2 year age difference
Well they did not actually go through with the child pornography charges which is why he didn't do any jail time. It may seem harsh, but the age difference does not come into play with charges of distributing child pornography. I think penalties need to be harsh to protect minors from it.

Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
You can never believe what is said though. Yeah she "didn't consent. I've heard this quite a few times, but only when the tape gets shown somewhere else.............

Look i'm not condoning it. Stupid thing to do, but lets not act like this doesn't happen in every single college everywhere. As i said, if this isn't a hockey player, do you care about it?
Just like most criminals lie about their involvement in the crimes they committed.... Both players did plead guilty by the way.

Are you from the dark ages? Who cares if it happens in college all of the time? It doesn't make it any less wrong. There would be no issue if it involved two consenting adults, but it becomes a problem if it involves a minor or someone who did not consent. This case involved both. Let me ask you, if he wasn't a hockey player would you be trying to lessen it and defend him?

Like I said I don't think he deserves to be labeled for life. I personally like to think that he learned from his mistakes, but that doesn't mean we should lessen what he did and blame the victim.

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