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That's not what you said, is it?

You said "Ask Mark Messier about who influenced him the most about being a captain and a leader and he will tell you it was Wayne Gretzky".

You then said "Hardly fits in with your description of the ideal captain, doesn't it?".

Your response was clearly made to target my opinion of what makes a great captain and in that response you claimed it was Gretzky who was Messier's greatest influence in an effort to claim that my opinion of what makes someone a great captain was somehow wrong. Messier's own words contradict your allegation so your initial response wasn't actually entirely right, was it?

So your response is either not very well thought out or simply wrong, either way it hasn't anything to do with my opinion of Messier as being one of my favorite captains of all time.

Messier says that he modeled himself as a captain after Howe and that he feels that 99 is the greatest player of all time so again, your initial response to my original posting simply isn't supported at all by your response but that's alright.

Had you asked me if I thought that Gretzky was a major influence on his friend Messier I would have laughed and said clearly, of course and told you that it was a silly question.

But that wasn't what you said or what we were talking about. You implied that my opinion of what it takes to be an exceptional captain was flawed because Messier would say that it was Gretzky who was his greatest influence on how to be a captain and that wasn't the case.

I would also say that Gretzky was an exceptional leader who left everything on the ice and lead by example so even in that I disagree with your response. Messier was more of a throwback like I said but it doesn't mean that I don't think that 99 was also an exceptional leader. The two aren't close to being mutually exclusive.

Messier said that it was Howe who he modeled himself after as a captain and not 99 so to answer your initial question my answer again is no, it doesn't have anything to do with my position because what you are saying simply isn't the case.

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