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03-08-2011, 06:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Kurrilino View Post
somehow strange........... i'm flamed since 3 years for asking these questions.
Now it seems like a serious topic.

- Stoll, Smyth have no buisness on a top 6 spot.

- Richardson is a playmaking center not a 4th line grinder.

- You can't score goals from the boards.

- Same for behind the goal

- A PP doesn't work when the shooters are forced to the boards and shoot from there.

- PP need a plan and movement.

- Offense needs a game plan and trained moves.

- Defense needs mobility and a strong position play. JUst park 5 guys in front of the goal isn't a defense system it just leads to staying defenders who are easy to pass around.

There are so many other things who jump into my eye............... but it's not my buisness to judge that anymore.
Most of the people here seem happy with our "improvement" and just point to the fact that we have improvement doesn't matter how slow or decreasing it is.
I agree with a lot of this but a lot of the game today is played behind the net, in fact in talking to older players (hell not even THAT old in some cases) you hear that all the time, so much of the game now is behind the net. It's where you go with the puck from there that matters.

Also I think that's an unfair evaluation of Smyth, his skating is a liability much less often than his hands and smarts are assets. He's been very good for the Kings this year overall.

Danny Duberstein is good at two things ...
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