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03-08-2011, 06:55 PM
3 in 5 > 3 in 6
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Drew Doughty the player, not the person (How's he doing this year vs. last?)

Quisp provides some stats gold here along with his thoughts on Doughty in general:
  • Points per 60: Last season, 1.10; this season, 1.09. Verdict: THE SAME.
  • +-/60: Last season, 0.76; this season, 0.76. Verdict: THE SAME.
  • Relative Corsi (+- of shot "events" relative to team): 5.5; this season, 8.8. Verdict: MUCH IMPROVEMENT.
  • Team shooting % when he's on the ice: last season, 8.92; this season, 10.04. Verdict: IMPROVEMENT.
  • Team save % when he's on the ice: last season, .921; this season, .914. Verdict: slightly worse.
  • PDO (combined SH% and SV%): last season,1010; this season, 1014. Verdict: THE SAME.
  • Offensive zone starts (this is a measure of the coach's trust; the higher the number, the less likely the coach puts you out for defensive zone draws): last season, 56.2%; this season, 54.2%. Verdict: MORE TRUST.
  • O zone finishes (where the face-off ends up when he's on the ice): last season, 49.7%; this season, 53.4%. Verdict: MUCH IMPROVEMENT.
  • Penalties taken: last season 0.8 per 60; this season, 1.0 per 60. Verdict: slightly worse.
  • Penalties drawn: last season, 0.7 per 60; this season, 0.7. Verdict: THE SAME.
  • Last season QUALCOMP (Quality of Competition) .024; this season, QUALCOMP .025. Verdict: THE SAME.
  • Last season, QUALTEAM (Quality of Teammates) .096; this season, QUALTEAM .024. Verdict: WTF!

"Verdict: HE'S NOT HAVING A SUB-PAR SEASON. He's being trusted more to play a more defensive role and is playing with significantly worse teammates. And the only negative effect of, every eleventh game he takes an extra penalty...and...he's also on the ice for an additional goal-against for every 125 shots-against, or about every eight or nine games."

Reading the rest of the article the point Quisp reaches is that essentially the pressure is really on, Doughty is pressing and making poor decisions by trying to do too much.

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