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10-12-2003, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by hunter orange
Fair value is there in the first deal, but Chicago will not (under any circumstances) move Ruutu. The second deal is an overpay for Edmonton. Dempsey is not needed in Edmonton (as our 5 through 7 on defense is just fine) and Comrie should fetch Arnason and McCarty on his own. Semenov goes no where in this deal or any other IMO.

If Chicago and Edmonton want a Comrie blockbuster, I wouldn't mind seeing the following:

Comrie, Pisani, Rita, 3rd -------- for -------- Arnason, Bell, Seabrook
No one is untouchable in the right circumstances Gretzky got traded and so did Lindros, I offered players I know Chicago wants, would they part with Ruutu probably not but when one of the orignial teams is postimg 75% attendance figures in a city as big as Chicago its kind of scary and the trade is still fair with a little bit of overpayment. They have so many young developing players it would be nice if they could have a few that have already made it. Dempsey had an exceptional year last year I think he has to be refered to as a 4-5th defense man now but yes that trade is not quite balanced but Comrie can't fetch both Arnason and McCarty although it is close.ur trade far as I am concerned
Comrie+Rita(not sure if much interest) = Arnason+Bell(whom they love)

Rita has yet to prove much I think they have enough guys in there system like that when both Arnason and Bell are both contributing members to their team. Pisani+3rd pick for Seabrook is entirely laughable this guy will be absolutely great(I think better than Brewer), I don't believe they need any of Pisani's services ya 3rd picks are nice but he is of superstar calibre and I like him almost as much Ruutu he is just as protected as Ruutu and highly coveted.

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