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07-27-2005, 10:39 PM
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I'm running a hockey fantasy draft for anyone interested in participating. You can send me a message if interested.

Originally Posted by nneate
Im organizing a hockey pool for the boys to all go in on for a pot, if some of u guys have done it before do you have any tips? Or could you comment on how it looks, thanks.

So basically, im thinking 10-12 guys each put in 10 bucks towards the pot, and the winner gets the pot, it will be judged on a point system. For player achievements and awards.

1. Top Goals Scored ------ 50 pts
2. Top Rookie ------ 80 pts
3. Goalie with Lowest Goals Against Average ------ 50 pts
4. Top Point Scorer ------ 50 pts
5. Team with best record ------ case of beer, 50 pts

Then each of the players participating choose 3 players who they think will have the highest scoring points. Example:
Jagr 32-45-77
Smyth 22-79-101
Demitra 33-33-66

So whoever gets the most points, wins the pot. What do you all think? Or if you've done this sort of thing before, what rules did you implement?

Any comments will be much appreciated

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