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03-09-2011, 06:31 AM
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To Gleaner guy; I would challange you when you say we need to live within our means and quote the number of students at STU. It is not the students who pay for the hockey programs. If that were true students should be up in arms over the tution costs. So the money comes from other sources. I am sure UNB guys bring in tons at the gate. So if there is tons of money at STU, living within our means got easier did it not? We just invested 1.5M, why not hire full time for both programs? It would only cost about an extra 120k per year max. You already have the coaches salary for the men, plus, I assume a part time salary for the ladies, so all you are looking at is topping up the female side and hiring an assistant full time for the guys. Surly a full time assistant could help the recruiting side for the guys.

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