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03-09-2011, 06:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Ruled By Secrecy View Post
I have the...unfortunate luck to be friends with a pair of hard core right wingers from the States and they have the notion that our system is socialist and thus, evil. Their views have been irritating me as of late and one friend starting saying we have "death panels" up here. Don't ask me where she got that idea from because I have no clue.

So I gotta ask this: What are some truly negative aspects about our system? And would rather have ours or the American system?
First thing you should know (maybe you already sense it) is that a lot of Americans get crazy when it comes to politics. I have a lot of American friends (both Dem and Rep) and for otherwise very normal and rational people, they turn into loons when it comes to politics. It's very black and white to them - i.e. the American way is right and every other way is wrong.

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