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Originally Posted by noway View Post
1. Get rid of Gary Bettman
2. Get rid of Colin Campbell
3. Get rid of the instigator rule (Only agree if it's changed, for example no glove drop = instigator, both players drop = no instigator)
4. Put a cap on the number of Europeans each team is allowed to draft/sign and return to a North American game
5. Increase roster size by 2 players
6. Enable no-touch icing
7. Decrease number of games
8. Inspect all facilities for injury hazards ASAP.
9. If you are getting pushed around, get a tougher roster and quit whining, unless you are prepared to whine to your GM about having too many wussies
10. Consider whether you as a fan are part of the reason why the game has gone the way it has over the last 30 years
Agreed and disagreed.

Somewhat agree.

Seriously though some of the bolded ones are really jokes. Because I like seeing big hits and fights, I'm supposed to be to blame? If anything quite the opposite imo, maybe had Cherry not been brainwashing people of my generation with his videos since a young age and his antics, I wouldn't be enjoying/seeking fights/big hits in this sport. He glorified it as did many others in the sport. So yeah maybe for being manipulated by the media and NHL I guess we are somewhat to blame, but it all stems from them in the first place.

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