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03-09-2011, 09:17 AM
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Claude Julien might as well have done this himself. Even AFTER this hit, down 4-0, he was double-shifting his fourth line and sending Lucic and Horton after Pouliot and Subban. When what happened to MaxPac doesn't phase you (I notice Chara shows zero remorse and accepts zero responsibility) you've lost your moral compass. Sadly, the league has decided they prefer thuggery to hockey.

Pax lies in a hospital bed. The Bruins sleep like babies. The NHL seems to think Matt Cooke is the best player in Pittsburgh, certainly he's the kind of player they are encouraging these days.

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Leafs fan here.

I can't believe what a goon Chara is. I also can't believe some are saying this was a legal hit.

It was negligent, reckless, and late. Whether he intended to smack pax's head off the glass could be debated, but to say he didn't want to throw him into the stanchions is ignorant. The fact that it was an unwarranted hit that lead to such a devastating injury tells me that he should absolutely be reprimanded.

I really hope the league does the right thing and throws the book at Chara. He has to learn that his strength needs to be kept in check for the safety of others. I have no problem with him throwing hard clean hits but this wasn't one of them. Very scary...

One of these days Chara's gonna get a two hander to the face.
To make things even worse, this is the third straight game Chara has gone after him. Accident my butt.

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