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03-09-2011, 09:29 AM
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For a solid decade, the Preds fans scream and yell for Poile to make a move to help the team.

When he does nothing, there is screaming.

When he does something, there is even more screaming.

Fact is this; Nashville is facing a near biblical level of injury to one of it's most important positions, center. The level of injury that has occurred with this team is one par with the level of injury that occurred with Detroit a couple of years ago. Seriously, the injuries that have occurred have targeted right at the one point Nashville could not afford to lose.

But guess what, you are acting EXACTLY like every other sports fan in North America. Remember, I'm a transplant where 80% of my sports fan-ship is related to Boston and they do the exact same thing. Same as New York. Same as any other sports town.

Perspective helps a lot.

Nashville is currently 1 pt from a playoff spot with three teams in the opposing playoff spot I REALLY like Nashville's chances for in a playoff; Vancouver, Detroit, SJ. Nashville has played Vancouver and Detroit well this year and frankly, Nashville is due against SJ.

If they don't make the playoffs, oh damn, they traded their #1 pick in what is exacted to be a crappy draft. A draft so bad they have been talking about it for 2-3 years. And Nashville has the best prospect system in the league. My hope is that Poile does his thing, drafts long term projects and European fliers.

Next year, (IF Lombardi comes back) Nashville's center depth will be interesting. Lombardi, Fisher, Legwand, O'Reilly, Smithson, Spaling. You have guys who can play most of the line's roles and all Trotz has to do is find their complimentary wings.

Even if Lombardi calls it a career there is still Fisher, Legwand, O'Reilly, Smithson, and Spaling.

As for Weber, you know what? If he goes, Nashville could get that scoring wing they need and there is still Suter and the kids for the depth. If Weber stays, great the top pairing is set.

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