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Originally Posted by Habsolument View Post
Look, I don't know what you are trying to accomplish here but take a hint, GTFO. The Bruins' board has never been very welcoming to Habs fan, don't come here trying to stir the pot on this particular subject.

And to answer the question, perhaps it has to do with the whole organisation and not only the fat **** behind the bench.
Agreed, I've been infracted on the bruins forum for not even saying anything bad, just because I was there after they lost a game. Didn't even say anything remotely bad. But then their fans come here and try to do that subtle trolling and expect to be treated fairly.

I find it down right pathetic. They're always coming in here with their under the table jabs at us and making stupid comments that are basically troll bait, but because they're pretty subtle of course nothing ever happens, I'm not blaming the mods btw, it isn't the mods fault some people are *******s who come here and find any way to be a dick while circumventing rules of the site.

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