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03-09-2011, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by oh we will View Post
you really cant be serious? you think chara went out of his way to track down pacs the way those 2 did. If pacs got back up, we wouldnt be having this discussion. i am a bruins fan and that hit was reprehensible but a suspension that high is a bit much. i dont think the intent was there.

Take off the jersey for a moment and look at it with some perspective. If that incident in january never happened, we wouldnt think of it as more than an unfortunate hit. again, i think chara deserves a suspension but not a mcsorley/bertuzzi one
The problem is, it did happen and lends creedence and context to the hit.

I agree that you don't/can't equate this to the Bertuzzi hit, but the incidents leading up to game have to be taken into consideration.

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