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03-09-2011, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by oh we will View Post
you really cant be serious? you think chara went out of his way to track down pacs the way those 2 did. If pacs got back up, we wouldnt be having this discussion. i am a bruins fan and that hit was reprehensible but a suspension that high is a bit much. i dont think the intent was there.

Take off the jersey for a moment and look at it with some perspective. If that incident in january never happened, we wouldnt think of it as more than an unfortunate hit. again, i think chara deserves a suspension but not a mcsorley/bertuzzi one

Here are some facts:

- The puck was long gone.

- Chara’s left arm comes up as Pacioretty is guided first into the boards, then into the stanchion between the benches.

- Chara’s head is up as he engages with Pacioretty.

- Chara had attacked Pacioretty in the last meeting between the teams, still aggrieved at the supreme insult of the 22-year-old giving him an innocuous shove in the back after scoring the overtime winner in a game in December.

The point is there is no excuse for what Chara did.

He knew where he was on the ice, he could have let Pacioretty go by, he could have hooked him, grabbed him, could have let up on the contact. He is responsible for his actions.
A Toronto-centric view of the incident. If the NHL was serious about eliminating head injuries/concussions and attempts to injure (which Chara's mugging is) then they would institute a minimum suspension for such incidents and add an "eye-for-an-eye" clause - if the player injured misses 20 games then the attacking player also misses a total of 20 games.

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