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03-09-2011, 09:58 AM
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Re-engineer. Seriously, hockey wasn't designed with glass above the boards. I know time marches on, but using a device simply because it is extant and economical is unwise in sport. The NHL is poorly run, though. Really, it always has been, this is part of the culture.

Baseball didn't allow aluminum bats just because they became commonplace. It diluted the game too much and made the infield dangerous. Hockey can't wait to embrace any little technical advancement, not understanding how it has affected the game overall, or not caring.

As poorly run as hockey has been they responded quickly when a young fan lost her life after being hit by a puck. They reacted out of fear. Fear that they would lose fans and thier money.

Boycott the next Bruins game in Montreal. Then the league will notice.

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