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03-09-2011, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by BeBen View Post
Picture says a thousand words, that was not finishing a check at all

Only thing worse is Chara dropping his stick and using both his hands to guide Max's head into the post.

Did Chara want to end Max's career? I don't think so.. But if you ask me, Chara's not 14 years old. He's a Vet with experience. He knew Damn well what could happen if he pushed Max into the boards in that place and the fact that his hand was up to his head showed he just didn't care about the collision that might happen.

I remember a story that a friend told me that he played in a rink in Bantam and there was one side of the boards that was up against a wall. The first time you get hit into those boards was like running into a safe door. Every season that team had fun hitting new players on that side, but be assured the next game they played there, they didn't stay too close to those boards.

Every rink in the NHL has those stupid Posts. Every player knows the danger of running into it.

No one can convince me that Chara didn't know what could have happen there. I understand they play to win and they have to play tough. It is a contact sport. But there has to be more respect and Chara should have held off until after the class started to fight for position.

If you let this go and only give 2 games, every other player who give a hit like this can argue in front of the league that Chara only got 2.

The fact that Campbells son plays for the Bruins is somewhat of a conflict of interest. He's the VP of Operations. It doesn't matter who hands out the suspension. all the top guys are working together. Bettman, Daly, Campbell are a unit. So it doesn't matter who hands out the suspension. I'm going on a limb and say that they will only give Chara 3 games. I'd prefer 10 to set an example, but I'm expecting 3 with these three stooges.

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