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03-09-2011, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by QuadrupleDeke View Post
So with Chicago playing the second half of a back-to-back in Tampa, I decided to finally look it up. These are the teams with one portion of a back to back being in Tampa Bay:

Boston: @fla-@tam
Washington: @fla-@tam
NY Rangers: @tam-@fla
Buffalo: @fla-@tam
Toronto: @car-@tam, @tam-@fla
Atlanta: home-@tam, @tam-home, home-@tam
Florida: home-@tam, home-@tam, @tam-home
Ottawa: @fla-@tam
Detroit: @tam-@fla
Chicago: @fla-@tam
Phoenix: @phi-@tam
Nashville: @dal-@tam
Columbus: @tam-@fla
Colorado: @car-@tam

That's 19 of Tampa Bay's 41 home games being part of a back-to-back for the visiting team, with 13 of those being the second game.

(Note: This isn't counting any games where Tampa Bay is the visiting team for anyone's back-to-back, which there were many, many examples of. This is just where Tampa hosts a team during their back-to-back.)

Totally absurd.
That's the benefit of being so close to the Panthers and relatively far from everyone else. Teams love to schedule both of them on one trip.

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