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03-09-2011, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by remer View Post
You can add the following:

If Chara lets him go, Montreal has a two on one.

It is a freak accident that the timing is exactly at the turnbuckle of the rink.

It would be no different if a player hits someone along the glass and the glass shatters causing injury. The turnbuckle is what caused the concussion, not the hit.

Watch the Johnson's hit on Smyth. No suspension given.
If a player hits a player from behind and his head goes into the boards should there not be a suspension, because if he had hit him in open ice his head wouldn't have hit the boards and thus no injury.

Fact is, the hit was made at the turnbuckle, and all the players know where that thing is. It is the responsibility of the hitter to make sure where they are hitting the guy, specifically in a vulnerable situation where the guy DOESN'T have the puck.

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