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03-09-2011, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by jnthomas View Post
If a player hits a player from behind and his head goes into the boards should there not be a suspension, because if he had hit him in open ice his head wouldn't have hit the boards and thus no injury.

Fact is, the hit was made at the turnbuckle, and all the players know where that thing is. It is the responsibility of the hitter to make sure where they are hitting the guy, specifically in a vulnerable situation where the guy DOESN'T have the puck.
This post sums it up perfectly. I don't understand what goes through people's head when they blame the turnbuckle.

If you push someone off a cliff, do you blame the cliff ? I mean, after all, if he had pushed him in a grass field, nothing would have come out of it. Are people really this lacking in basic logic and common sense ? Really ?

It's precisely because Chara pushed Pacioretty toward the turnbuckle that the hit is disgusting. And if you think Chara didn't know where he was and that he didn't know the turnbuckle was coming, you're a fool. The play didn't happen THAT fast, and we're talking about a Norris trophy winner. You really going to argue that a Norris trophy winner has no clue where he is on the ice. These guys deflect pucks going at 100mph. They probably are aware of their surroundings, just saying.

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