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Originally Posted by remer View Post
You can add the following:

If Chara lets him go, Montreal has a two on one.

It is a freak accident that the timing is exactly at the turnbuckle of the rink.

It would be no different if a player hits someone along the glass and the glass shatters causing injury. The turnbuckle is what caused the concussion, not the hit.

Watch the Johnson's hit on Smyth. No suspension given.
Whatever gets you to sleep at night dude.

1) If Chara lets him go, it was a 4-0 game and Boston was playing like ****, they had no chance anyways and it wasn't game 7 or something.

2) Freak Accident? He guided his head directly into the thing. He knew where he was hitting him, he knew Max didn't have the puck. The intent to severely injure may not be there but at least the intent to cause severe pain was.

3) It would be different because there's a difference between forcing a guys head into a turnbuckle and glass shattering on it's own. A more comparable example would be if the glass was already shattered and a player checked a guy through the boards onto the glass anyways. Chara clear as day guided his head onto the turnbuckle, Chara isn't a 12 year old peewee hockey player. He knows how dangerous that part of the ice is and intentionally went after a guy who didn't have the puck. Cause of an odd man rush in a 4-0 game the Bruins clearly lossed? Regardless of that "fact" he didn't even have the puck. No puck = late/dirty hit no matter which way you look at it, especially if the player is in that type of vulnerable position.

PS: Just because the league is a joke and has allowed **** like this to go on in the past and probably even present doesn't make it right.

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