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03-09-2011, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Lord Chezz View Post
When I thought about it last night, I was convinced that Chara had a clear intent to injure (ie the pushing motion into the stanchion).

Thinking about it a little more and about who Chara is, I firmly don't believe that there was any malicious intent in the context of the play. For most part, he's never had a reputation as a dirty player. Hell, I'd love to have him in a Habs jersey. He's just a physical beast. On a personal level, he doesn't have the emotionally unstable demeanor of a Matt Cooke or a Dan Carcillo or a Shawn Thornton. He appears to be a pretty level headed guy, who wholeheartedly supports Right to Play to boot.

That said, there was a certain degree of carelessness in relation to his location on the ice. A vet at that level should demonstrate a better awareness of his surroundings when faced with such a situation. You know youre near the benches, you know the hit is late, you know that metal pole is coming at high speed - read and react accordingly.

That lack of awareness should be the basis of any suspension and not intent. That is why we won't see anything beyond 3-5 games.

Really chezz? Were you being sarcastic with him not having an 'emotionally unstable demeanor'. How about the last bruins game where he came in swinging away, or the time he started laying into latendresse for no reason. The guy goes ape **** in almost every habs game. He would regularly get his elbows up on kovalev as well. When you take into account his small history with patches, it doesn't look good.

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