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03-09-2011, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by JaymzB View Post
Whether people want to admit it or not, I donít see too much difference between this, and Jonesí hit on Bergeron. He got 2 games. Not sure if Jones had any prior history of suspensions at that time. Add in the possibility of the past history between Max and Chara being a small factor, and your 3-5 games sounds right.
If you use the NHL's insanely horrible discipline record as a measuring stick, you're right. He may not even deserve a suspension.

...but it seems to me that someone is literally going to have to die before they bother upping suspensions across the board.

I'd have a hoped that a play where half the rink LITERALLY thought he was dead for a good 30 seconds would be enough for people to wake the hell up.

I drew the what if Subban/Bergeron example earlier, but the really scary fact is that had that been someone with a huge history of head injuries, we might well be talking about a fatality right now.

...and screw intent, whether it was Chara or the turnbuckle... If the line between "severe injury and death" is just the difference between which of the 10 skaters on the ice received the hit... Well it's time to make big changes and fast before the dice come up with the wrong number.

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