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03-09-2011, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Lord Chezz View Post
Yes, really. I see him as being a fierce competitor, not a psycho.
Except that is looking at it from the wrong angle.

Very very few people are actual psychos who are out to injure others. They don't derive pleasures from it. No one thinks that for anyone. The issue here is not that Chara is a murderer or anything.

Chara had a split second to make a decision. Let up, or not. Guide Pacioretty's body into the turnbuckle or not.

It is being ingrained into Bruins players heads that they need to fight, and hit as hard as possible and take guys out. That they should not let up when they face the habs. The hatred is nurtured by coaches, fans and radio hosts. Hatred at all costs and the answer to the hatred is not to beat your opponents at the game of hockey, it is to physically beat the other team. Their answer is violence. So when Chara is faced with a split second decision, what decision do you think he'll make ? Let up or not let up ? He doesn't have time to think about the full ramifications of his actions. All he knows is that if he lets up, he'll be accused of being soft instead of sending a message. It's that culture in hockey that has to go away. It won't go away with soft suspensions for actions like this though. It is being encouraged by the league.

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