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03-09-2011, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
Perhaps if they upped their game in regards to guests, it might up the game for their callers? Take prospects for a moment, something dear to many of the HF faithful (and the basis for the existence of this board ), there are a variety of insightful individuals who do solid audio in their own right that they could have in on a semi-regular basis for external viewpoints not only on Sabre prospects but the leagues in general. Would having some of the better people in the blog-o-sphere participating regularly be such a bad thing or any more boring/inane/tedioius than hearing people carping on who's paid too much or who should've done what differently in the last game? I don't think so -- and it might actually cause people to take in some information prior to a guy arriving so that expectations are set and it isn't the usual "I know nothing about player XXX because I don't follow prospects" conversation that tends to be the norm on their shows.

If they want someone to provide names, it doesn't take that long to find good hockey sources and make the interview Sabre-centric.
That's just crazy thinking there Chain... intelligent sports talk... oxymoron?

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