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03-09-2011, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by King Woodballs View Post
how about beat them... win the division.... and beat them in the playoffs
This changes what? Nothing. They will do the same freaking thing. We will beat them up at hockey, they will do their best to take one of our players out. They are gutless goons with absolutely 0 respect for the sport.

What Chara did yesterday was criminal, no matter what his intentions were. NO MATTER. The action he did was deliberate (it's not as if he was falling and his skate cut someone that he could not control, or that Pacioretty was engaged willingly in a fight with him and took a bad punch), and the league is going to do nothing, or nothing that matters anyway.

I think there seriously need to be something serious done about it. And it sure as hell won't come from the league. A protest would be a start. While the league would likely fine the Habs something fierce and we would look like a bunch of wimps across the league I don't care, the original idea is not bad either because it would make national news in USA and Canada for sure.

Sending goons on the ice, beating the Bruins at hockey, nothing changes anything. They cannot play on the same ice as us and so they just try to kill someone or pummel someone. They likely took out our first real Power Forward in the last decade and NOTHING right now is encouraging and saying that he will play at a good level again. Nothing.

I wish our organisation had balls in this matter, but I don't expect anything. I wish fans will do something though. I don't know what the players can do.

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