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07-28-2005, 06:33 AM
Peter James Bond
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I have worked on a new Stumpel letter to send to DT.

please let me know your thoughts. If you want your name included on this letter, PM me your first name and last initial and your season seat act # if you have one.

Dear Mr. Taylor,

I am am sure that we share the same excitedness and greatfulness to see the return of NHL hockey, and more specifically LA KINGS hockey!

I am writing you today on behalf of myself, a longtime season seat holder (act #xxxxxx) and other ardent King fans, many who are season seat holders.

The next few weeks are perhaps the most critical in LA KINGS franchise history, in terms of building a core of players that could propel the KINGS to capture that all elusive prize that all King fans covet: THE STANLEY CUP.

While I am glad that you are the one in charge of this mission, I don't envy the incredible task that it must be in terms of the fine balancing act with the new CBA and cap restrictions. There are litterally more than 100 available players in which you can target to become Kings.

I know your time is precious, and I don't want more than 3 minutes of it. I feel almost unworthy of it, yet one of my grandest dreams is to see the Kings hoist the CUP at the Staples Center. (and to attend a parade and see you with it) I and others feel too strongly not to let our feelings be known that pertain to the pursuit of this dream.

I feel cheated from the recent press conference in that not a single time did I hear the phrase "Stanley Cup and Los Angeles Kings" uttered! I heard "no more gimmicks" and "building from within" but I trust that the end goal is to win the CUP and not merely to "provide a good product"

I as well as each one of the fans represented in this letter, were taken aback when we heard on AM 570 during Hacksaw Hamilton's interview of yourself, that Jozef Stumpel is to be approached to retain his services. I cannot fathom how Jozef could be even considered for a third tenure here! He has proven over and over that he does not possess the traits that the Kings must have in a top six forward to get to the next level.

Jozef Stumpel is now 33 years of age. At 6'3" and 225 lbs, he is one of the softest players I have ever seen. He is among the league's most labored and slowest skaters. He has no physical game whatsoever. He does not battle for loose pucks, have the ability to win one on one battles, does not go to the net, or work the corners. Jozef was on the decline 18 months ago, when he last played. He tallied a paltry 8 goals in 64 games played. Only 4 were even strength! 1 even strength goal for every 16 games played! Zero game winners. Zero game tying goals. Abominable, when you consider the first line icetime and powerplay time garnered! The Kings need a serious injection of offense on the top two lines, and Jozef would be among the worst, if not the worst choices to amend this dire need.

He simply does not warrant any consideration when you consider that he was a failure 18 months ago. If anything, his game is less than it was, if that can be fathomed. The Kings need to be tough to play against, and need to bring speed into this new generation of NHL hockey that is to be ushered in.

I want to see you bring in players that emulated the game you brought to the Kings, night after night after night. I can still see your bearded face, holding the Smythe Division Champion Trophy.

Close your eyes and try to picture Jozef Stumpel holding the Stanley Cup over his head. Its an impossibility. He'll never pay the price, nor has what it takes to contribute to that lofty height.

You know its a stretch, 'STICH'.

Go get us some players that will make you, as well as your ardent (burning with passion) Los Angeles King fans that are behind you and supporting you all the way. Ones that are willing to pay the price and have the ability to achieve our grandest of dreams.

Life is short. Go out on a limb, thats where the fruits are. And just as important, let the rotten fruits lie at your feet that are not worthy of wearing the LA KINGS jersey.

My best to you, #18,


act # XXXXXX

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