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Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post

\The Rangers now regularly draft quality players and Schoenfeld capably develops them in CT. The Rangers have a quality farm system stocked with solid prospects. They take time to develop. Sather is now in a position where he can use UFAs to augment his staff rather than fill gaping needs like he needed to before.

Torts is a quality coach and we need to let this team finish progressing it's development cycle. We're almost there.
Only caveat is we have tos ee if he truly was compensating for the failed farm development or if he was just a moron. Bad farm or not the Redden signing was beyond clueless and the vast voerpayment of Drury was hilariously bad (unless you're a Ranger fan in which case it's just legendarily bad). SO NOW we are in a position to see whether he was overcompensating.

Wolfgaze made terrific points about cap waste hindering Torts abilities to fill out the team and the fact that robruckus failed to understand made me lol extremely hard and be glad I wasn't paying attention to this thread. Some truly truly awful posts. Including the guy alleging injuries had no impact this season. One point to add to the injuries discussion.

Some guys may have come back too early which hampers them...or they have lignering numbers wise they play the games but...

Also some guys have rust when coming back which hampers them too. To discount injuries this season was comical.

I also like how all these guys set career highs wityh NO VETERAN HELP and some people discounted this as inconsequential when they set these new highs already with 20 or so games to go. Shows people have no clue how to put things into context. Anisi9mov had 13 G as a soph with over 20 games to go...he's now on his way to over 20 Goals, 40 pts. STep is close to that too as a rookie. Yet the guy responded as if AA had 13 g for the SEASON. As if the 20 g 40 pts from a soph 20 year old is SUCKY. No context.

People discounting injuries. No context.

Now part of Torts overall job is his past years too you shouldn't discount that either but sports are a what have you done lately business and lately Torts I feel has made a Coughlin like turnaround and if his trending upwards continues I'm fine. He's been great this season with all signs pointing to getting even better hence why i feel he should stay despite how horrible he was in that Wsh PO's and how we missed last year.

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