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07-28-2005, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by cassius
How long did it take for you to pick up skating?

What steps did you take before joining a rec league or whatever?
I taught myself how to skate beginning age 15, then tried to play outdoor pond hockey. The first year I was hideously bad and could
hardly move.One problem was I had bought a pair garage sale skates 2 sizes too large. The next year, I went out and got a pair of second hand, fitted skates.Best descision-ever. I then could play outdoor shinny, although my skills were considerably lacking. The local university offered a 'beginner shinny' program which I joined and played in every year.Even at that level, I was one of the worst players every year(bad reflexes), even took up goaltending for a few years(they let goalies play free, and I got to handle the puck more). I'm at a skill level which probably matches that of your average 10 year old. My skating is tolerable, but not overly fast.
My puck handling is tolerable, my puck retriving and past recieving are atrocious.I can't usually get a very good shot off. On the other hand, I do nice, hard, tape to tape passes from anywhere in the rink. Then again, I haven't played in a few years now, but am still fairly young so can always go back...

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