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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
There you go, the whining word again. Guess anyone who disagrees with you Buddy is a whiner. I got it.

Maybe embarrassment was the wrong word for Smyth, I will give you that. Because he hasn't quit but he can no longer play Top 6 minutes in the NHL. Just like last season the guy started hot and has fizzled down the stretch when the games get important. Everyone used the injury excuse last season when he disappeared after the Olympic break and into the playoffs. And that was with the break for the Olympics. With no break this season it's been even more magnified how slow and behind the play he is.

Ryan Smyth since the new year

29 GP, 6G, 11A, 17 Pts +2

Ryan Smyth since February 1st

16 GP, 1G, 6A, 7 Pts -5

And that is with consistent Top 6 ES TOI and #1 PP TOI.


As for Stoll. The numbers don't lie. In the first 19 games he had 17 points. In the next 47 he has 21. 21 points in 47 games is 36 points over an 82 game season, so I gave him even more credit.

Jarret Stoll since the new year

29 GP, 10G, 5A, 15 Pts, -5

Jarret Stoll since Februrary 1st

16GP, 4G, 2A, 6 Pts, -8


Kopitar since the new year

29 GP, 5G, 19A, 24 Pts, +5

Kopitar since Februrary 1st

16 GP, 4G, 12A, 16 Pts, +4.

As for last season. Kopitar did get off to a hot start and he came dow to Earth but he still produced 52 points over the final 70 games last season after the hot start.

Obviously Kopitar needs to play better, I am not disputing that. But to say the guy has plenty of help is a joke. He is still finding a way to produce close to a point per game clip while preventing the other team from scoring against him despite the abysmal play of Smyth and Stoll on the second line, these guys might as well aks Reggie Jackson if they can borrow his nickname.

And as for Simmonds, generally as players get older their offensive numbers improve. I don't think it was to much to ask for that Simmonds atleast matched the 40 points he had last season if not climb up to the 50 point level.
So basically,

You are saying players go into slumps sometimes....

Good to know.

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