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10-12-2003, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by montreal
I thought it was more of the leafs playing so bad then us playing good. The leafs need to be physical, where was Nolan, Sundin, Mogliny? Their bigs guys weren't hitting, they didn't create much on offense, as they spent way way too much time in the box.

Theodore still looks shaky to me. I still feel like every shot could go in. But he did get the SO. He made a few big saves, but wasn't tested much.

The defense did play a lot better. Why? The leafs aren't as fast as the Sens who exposed our slow forwards.
I would have to agree in a sense that the system MTL played worked out very well against a sluggish TO team. When we got beaten by OTT we were playing a new system against probably the fastest skating/most talented team in the NHL.

I believe that you are only as good as the other team allows you to be. Therefor I think that TO looked very sluggish/bad beacuse MTL was frustrating them all game and they never found their groove. On the other hand OTT made us look bad on thursday and because the system didn't seem to work players weren't sticking to it.

This should be a big confidence booster for MTL as the players have seen that they can win if they all pull their own weight and play the system and they will also have more trust in their coach.

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